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4ENs is an ‘Eco-friendly High-tech Lighting Control System Company, founded upon the emergence of innovative lighting technology and expertise with eco-friendly solutions to deliver to its customers a lighting experience that has been newly defined.
4ENs is a leading company of green industry with best technology from Lighting Control System new and renewal energy and energy saving business.
4ENs realizes the customer satisfaction and creates a new legend by the development of core materials of Lighting Control System and the dierentiated products based on rigorous quality management and excellent capacity of R&D. We also provide energy eciency solutions as well as create a new future as a low carbon green partner.
LED Lighting (LED / Conventional Lighting Luminaire)
We are leading the market with LED lighting products with dierentiated design, high quality and economic feasibility. We are not just a manufacturer or supplier of lighting products but provide a total solution for lighting though customized lighting consultation.
LED Components (SMPS, Optical, Heat Sink, Engine)
Based on the No.1 technology of ballast in domestic market, we show high-quality SMPS and ballast for the LED lighting age. By developing the core materials directly, we promise the guarantee period dierentiated from other companies.
Energy Saving Biz/ESCO (Lighting, Building, Industry & Utilities)
Through comprehensive analysis and diagnosis for energy facilities of industries and buildings, we suggest the optimal operation plan and energy saving plan.


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